2 Bedroom Apartment For Sale In One Modrogan

1A Modrogan - Bucharest, RomaniaOne Modrogan

575,000 €
Search 2 bedrooms
Search 2 bathrooms
Area 106.4 sqm


Meticulously designed, the two-bedroom apartment offers a unique feel, transforming the idea of a home at One Modrogan into a real family heritage because the space it’s not just a living space, but a whole cultural concept of an emblematic area of Bucharest. The sublime unit exudes luxury, quality and style, highlighting the idea of architecture and design at its finest, offering premium finishes and high-quality materials, right in the heart of the capital.

Residential Details

106.4 sqm
2 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
104 sqm
39,000 Eur + VAT
575,000 € + VAT

One Modrogan will be completed in 2020-12-01.

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One Modrogan

One Modrogan is situated on Modrogan alley 1A, in an exceptional area right in the centre of Bucharest, an area infused with historical values, where any building is a true cultural heritage. One Modrogan is close to the City Center while being surrounded with the finest services Bucharest has to offer. It also benefits from having the airport nearby and is well served by amenities such as subway station nearby, tramline, city bus route, and a walking distance to Piata Victoriei Square.